Final court appeal for Yong Vui Kong

M Ravi, legal counsel for Yong Vui Kong, will make a final court appeal for Yong come tomorrow morning. Yong’s execution will take place at dawn this coming Friday. As the Court of Appeal is on vacation, only one judge will preside over the hearing instead of the usual three. Details are as follows:

Date: 2nd Dec 2009

Time: 10 am

Location: High Court 6D

I would like to make a personal appeal for people who care about this issue to show up in court to lend your support to M Ravi, who has been working hard on this as well Yong and his family. His mother is now aware of his impending execution as Yong’s siblings could not bear to deny Yong one last chance of seeing her so they flew her to Singapore and broke the news to her today. At this point of time, all parties involved in this case (family, lawyer and campaigners) do need your support as it has reached a very emotional point. Although I am not able to be there in person because my leave application was not approved, I hope that the courtroom will be filled with supporters of the campaign.

This boy is only 21. He should be given a second chance.