Attorney-General is challenging the stay granted to Yong Vui Kong

We heard the good news on Wednesday but good news never stays that way forever.

One day after Justice Woo Bih Li granted Yong Vui Kong a stay of execution, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaswant Singh (DPP during yesterday’s hearing) filed an appeal against it on the behalf of the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC).

In the letter to the Supreme Court Registrar, it was stated that the AGC “are of the view that the High Court did not have jurisdiction to hear the said Criminal Motion and consequently the order of a stay of execution was wrong in the law”. The letter also mentioned that the AGC intends to address the Court of Appeal on this issue during the hearing next Tuesday (8 December).

M Ravi, legal counsel for Yong Vui Kong has filed a rebuttal against the appeal made by the AGC. Ravi wrote that “… there are specific procedures for filing an appeal against a decision of the High Court and under section 46 the trial judge should record in writing the grounds of his decisions. We do not consider the letter from the Deputy Public Prosecutor meets the requirements of the Act.”

It is to my personal opinion that if they were in view that the High Court did not have the jurisdiction to hear the Criminal Motion filed by Ravi on the behalf of Yong, then why didn’t DPP Jaswant Singh prevent the hearing from happening in the first place? Were they expecting a stay of execution to be granted at that point of time? They probably did not and thus did nothing to stop the hearing. However by appealing against the decision of the High Court at this point of time and by their intention to address the Court of Appeal on this issue on the day that was set for Yong’s appeal to be heard, is the AGC trying to take short cuts on procedure?

Well, I think I should leave this question for all to ponder.

I really cannot understand why the AGC is so eager to execute this 21 year old. Yes he had committed a crime but he must be given a chance to have his appeal heard and furthermore he is so young. Shouldn’t he be given a chance to repent?