Yong Vui Kong’s counsel, M. Ravi was in Kuala Lumpur for a press conference yesterday (Jun 10) at the office of the Malaysian Bar Council. The press conference was to raise attention through the Malaysian media on Vui Kong’s capital case in Singapore.

Among other issues, Ravi pointed out that it was the Singapore Cabinet that was making the decision for presidential clemency, even though it is in fact in the President’s authority.

Ravi also mentioned that only three countries in Asia still have laws mandating the mandatory death penalty for traffickers, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Most countries recognise the cruelty of mandatory death penalty and have therefore abolished it.

Malaysian human rights lawyer and anti-death penalty activist Edmund Bon said that the Malaysian government should not remain silent on this subject and should lend a helping hand to assist Yong Vui Kong, a Sabahan.

As of yesterday the Malaysian press have picked up the story and the articles published online can be found below.

Klick4malaysia – Urgent Action Needed for Malaysian Citizen in Singapore (with two videos of the press conference)

Guangming Daily -新加坡販毒判死‧非總統特赦決定‧青年盼政府使權打救

Sin Chew Jit Poh -青年販毒問吊:“新加坡內閣認定須受刑”‧代表律師:只能要求總統特赦

China Press – 大馬青年新國販毒死刑 新國人權律師促馬政府帶上國際法庭聲援死囚

Oriental Daily – 律師冀政府以國家主權說情

Note: Some articles are in Chinese. Translation available with Google.

Source: The Death Penalty in Singapore