SADPC & TOC to take to Speakers’ Corner – 1st August and TOC will be holding a petition signing event at Speakers Corner on 1 August to garner signatures to appeal to the president to grant Vui Kong a reprieve. The signatures collected will be sent to the campaign in Malaysia to be delivered eventually to the president of Singapore, Mr SR Nathan.

Besides the signing of the petition, participants will also be able to say a message of support which will be recorded on video. We will use these for a second campaign clip. [Here’s our first campaign video.]

Please do give an hour or so of your time to lend your voice to Vui Kong’s family and to Vui Kong who cannot speak for himself as he sits alone on death row.

The details of the event are as follow:

Event: Give Vui Kong A Second Chance

Date: 1 August 2010

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Venue: Speakers Corner (Hong Lim Park)

How to get there: Take the NEL to Clark Quay MRT station and use Exit “A”. It’ll bring you directly into Speakers Corner.


  1. Petition-signing, an appeal to the president of Singapore to grant Vui Kong’s clemency appeal.
  2. Announcement of continuation of Facebook photo project
  3. Recording of messages on video from participants
  4. Short speeches
  5. Taking of a group photo (6pm)

The clemency appeal must be submitted to the president by 26 August. And depending on how the president decides, Vui Kong could be hanged anytime after that.

This could be the final opportunity for us to do something to save Vui Kong.

Please come join us this Sunday.

Thank you.

*In the meantime, please sign the online petition here.