Please help our friend Atiqah

“On new year 2009, she receive a strange call from China requesting her to fly over and pick up the textile. Normally the manufacturer would contact her friend. However, in this instance, the manufacturer claimed her friend was uncontactable and was comfortable working with iqah seeing she has been to the factory and meet him in person. She agreed and the manufacturer has arrange for his contact to meet Iqah in Malaysia to pass her the travel allowance. Upon meeting the contact, a Ghana national, he gave her a luggage bag to bring to China so that she has space to pack the textiles back home.This luggage was the trap. Inside this bag,was an envelope which well hidden that it wasnt detected on the 1st scan,what more by Iqah. Unknowingly, she was made a mule,a scapegoat.The rest is history.”

To read more, please click here to visit the blog set up by Noor Atiqah’s friends.