Celebrate Vui Kong’s 24th birthday with us!

By Rachel Zeng

When the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign first began the campaign in October 2009, Vui Kong was 21. Fast forward to this brand new year, Vui Kong will turn 24 on 19 January. Although we do not know much about the future, events in the past have been positive and remarkable. It is thanks to the hard work of human rights lawyer M Ravi who has been so dedicated in trying to keep Vui Kong alive that we are able to see him turning 24.

This journey since October 2009 has taught me so much about the legal system, the need for solidarity, support and sharing of knowledge among activists and brought about challenging discussions and debates with people who are not in agreement with the cause. This journey has also opened my eyes to better understand the stories behind each crime, and how education and information dissemination is crucial in crime prevention. I certainly will not give up, and I am sure my fellow colleagues who have been working on advocating for the abolishment of the mandatory death penalty and the death penalty will be as committed to the cause as they have always been.

Together with We Believe in Second Chances, we will be celebrating Vui Kong’s 24th birthday on 15 January at Speakers’ Corner. The event will begin at 4pm. Let’s come together in celebration and to renew our support for Vui Kong, who is currently still on the death row. For more information or to inform us of your attendance, do check out our event page on Facebook.

Hope to see you there!