A letter of gratitude from the death row

Jabing's thank you letterWe received a letter from Kho Jabing on Tuesday through his sister Jumai, who had visited him earlier in the day. The letter is addressed to everyone from SADPC and We Believe in Second Chances, as well as those who have helped out in other ways and who have responded to our appeals for funds (both in May, and in October this year) to finance his family’s trips here to visit him.

Jabing wrote:

I, Jabing, would like to offer a thousand thanks to:

Mr Damien

Ms Priscilla

Mr Nick

Ms Kirsten

Ms Rachel

And also, my Muslim friends and all the rest

May Allah repay all of your kindness, amin.

Because you’ve helped with the cost and expenses of my mother and sister. May we meet again in Paradise in future.”