Kho Jabing: President allows the submission of a clemency petition, but will not postpone the date of execution

We just received word that Kho Jabing’s legal team had just received a response from the President saying that he will welcome the submission of a clemency petition, but will not be postponing the date of execution.

The query as to whether this avenue is still available to Jabing was sent in April, shortly after his criminal motion was dismissed by the apex court on 5 April 2016.

As we understand it, the President has 3 months to respond to the clemency petition, but this response seems to indicate that President Tony Tan and the Cabinet have already made the decision to reject it even before it is submitted.

We continue to urge the government to postpone the date of execution to allow for the clemency petition to be submitted, as well as time for proper reconsideration of the possibility of a clemency to take place.