The most heart wrenching case I have ever worked on


This is the banner that Kirsten and I made for the press conference jointly organised by We Believe in Second Chances, and Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign.

Time is running out and we have in fact a little more than 3 days to try our best to save Jabing. Even in our busiest moments as we assist Jabing’s family in their trip to Singapore, both financially and logistically, and wreck our brains to raise the problems in the way he was sentenced to death, re-sentenced to life imprisonment, and sentenced to death again after AGC’s appeal by a 5 judge panel (3 to 2 majority), every passing second fills us with a sense of dread. Yet we remain hopeful, and we are determined to be with the family and fight this til the very end. We do not condone his crime, but neither do we believe in a retributive justice system and a legal justice system that is so rigid.

For their part, Jabing’s family has been trying their best too. They have arrived in Singapore and will visit Jabing everyday. Jumai has been so determined to help change the fate of her brother. Over the past few years, she had approached politicians in Sarawak, appeared at one press conference after another, and had written to PM Lee. When she touched down on Sunday night, she requested to stop by the prison. According to Priscilla from We Believe in Second Chances who was there with her, Jumai stood crying outside the prison. I can feel her pain – nothing she did seemed to have worked so far. In addition to her agony, Jabing’s scheduled date of execution falls on Jumai’s birthday. It was a shocking discovery made when one of us was trying to arrange their flights. I was at a loss for words.

It just breaks one’s heart to know that, and to date, this is the most heart wrenching case I have ever been involved in.

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