Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam

 Nagaenthran was arrested on 22 April 2009 at Woodlands Checkpoint with a bundle containing 454.8 grams of white granular substances strapped on his left inner thigh. He was subsequently charged with trafficking 42.72 grams of diamorphine and sentenced to death in January 2011.

During his trial, Nagaenthran told the court that the bundle was strapped onto him by a man named King who he approached for a loan of RM 500 to help finance his father’s heart surgery. King initially gave him a packet of food and asked him to deliver it to his “brother” in Singapore, claiming that he would grant him the loan thereafter. Nagaenthran agreed to the request but King changed his mind as Nagaenthran was about to leave. He asked Nagaenthran into his car and forced him to remove his pants before strapping the bundle onto his thigh.

According to Nagaenthran, he asked King what the bundle contained and why must it be strapped onto his thigh. King told him that the bundle contained “company spares” and strapping it on his thigh was for Nagaenthran’s safety. He also threatened to “kill” and “finish” his girlfriend if he opened or did not deliver the bundle.

In his written summation, the judge mentioned that he did not find the evidence satisfactory enough to prove that Nagaenthran committed the offence under duress. He also explained that nothing untoward seemed to have happened to her after Nagaethran had failed to deliver the package due to his arrest and mentioned that threat might be fabricated by Nagaenthran.

Nagaenthran’s appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on 27 September 2011. He is now awaiting President Tony Tan’s reply (in other words, Cabinet’s reply) regarding his clemency appeal submitted by his family on his behalf.

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