40 Asian NGOs denounce Yong’s execution

Source: Malaysiakini Susan Loone | Jun 27, 10 6:53pm A regional human rights group based in Bangkok has denounced Singapore’s imposition of mandatory death penalty on 22-year-old Malaysian Yong Vui Kong. Forum-Asia executive director said “death penalty… Continue reading

Silence on Yong’s coming execution in S’pore

Source: Malaysiakini Jun 14, 10 3:29pm Malaysia appears to be painfully silent on the coming execution of Yong Vui Kong, a 22 year old Malaysian, in Singapore for trafficking in 47g of heroin into… Continue reading


Yong Vui Kong’s counsel, M. Ravi was in Kuala Lumpur for a press conference yesterday (Jun 10) at the office of the Malaysian Bar Council. The press conference was to raise attention through… Continue reading

Press conference at the Malaysian Bar Council

Save Malaysian on death row, appeals S’pore lawyer Lawyer urges Malaysian government to intervene in death row case


A Malaysian man is at immediate risk of execution in Singapore. On 14 May, the Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal against a mandatory death sentence, which violates fair-trial rights. Yong Vui Kong was… Continue reading

This Christmas, Remember Yong

Dear friends, For those who are not aware yet, Yong was granted a second stay of execution on 8 December 2009. The date for his appeal is set to be in March next… Continue reading

Court of Appeal grants Yong a second stay of execution

By Rachel Zeng Intensity was in the air as M Ravi presented his appeal on the behalf of Yong Vui Kong before the Court of Appeal this morning. The gallery was fully packed… Continue reading

Vui Kong, we care (photo and updates)

By Rachel Zeng We would like to thank everyone who came forward to participate in this photo taking session with us on Sunday. It was really motivating for the organisers to see such a… Continue reading

Vui Kong, We Care

Come and join us at Speaker’s Corner at 4pm sharp this Sunday (6 Dec) for a show of compassion for Yong Vui Kong, a 21-year old Malaysian who is facing the death penalty… Continue reading

Updates on Yong Vui Kong

By Rachel Zeng I have met up with the elder brother of Yong Vui Kong together with members of the Singapore Anti Death Penalty Campaign and some other activists and he told us… Continue reading