Mercy for Jabing

Together with our colleagues at We Believe in Second Chances and Jabing’s family members, we held a press conference on Tuesday, 17 May, at 6pm. Representing SADPC on the panel, here was what… Continue reading

The most heart wrenching case I have ever worked on

This is the banner that Kirsten and I made for the press conference jointly organised by We Believe in Second Chances, and Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign. Time is running out and we have… Continue reading

Kho Jabing: President allows the submission of a clemency petition, but will not postpone the date of execution

We just received word that Kho Jabing’s legal team had just received a response from the President saying that he will welcome the submission of a clemency petition, but will not be postponing… Continue reading

Update on Kho Jabing: Execution has been scheduled

After being granted a stay of execution last November a day before he was scheduled to be hanged, Kho Jabing’s death sentence was once again maintained on 5 April 2016 by Singapore’s apex… Continue reading

Update on Kho Jabing

The hearing for the Criminal Motion filed on behalf of Kho Jabing will take place at 2.30pm tomorrow, in the Court of Appeal.  

UPDATE: Funding for #SaveJabing

When we heard that Jabing’s clemency petition had been rejected, we launched a fundraising appeal to raise money to fly his mother Lenduk and sister Jumai to Singapore, as well as to campaign… Continue reading

Shopping for death row

Working on Kho Jabing’s case hasn’t been a walk in the park. I would describe the days between 2 to 5 November as an intense week that ended with a glimmer of hope. Although… Continue reading

Update: Kho Jabing has been granted a stay of execution

Originally scheduled to be executed on 6 November 2015, Kho Jabing has been granted a stay of execution today by the Court of Appeal so that the criminal motion filed by his new… Continue reading

Urgent Action: Mercy for Jabing

Kho Jabing, a 31 year old Sarawakan on death row in Singapore, had his clemency petition rejected by the President on the advise of the Cabinet on 19 October 2015. He has exhausted… Continue reading

Mercy for Kho Jabing: An open letter to the Cabinet

Dear distinguished Ministers, We are writing this letter of appeal for Kho Jabing, whose petition for clemency was rejected on 19 October 2015. We urge the Cabinet to reconsider his clemency in light… Continue reading