A letter of gratitude from the death row

We received a letter from Kho Jabing on Tuesday through his sister Jumai, who had visited him earlier in the day. The letter is addressed to everyone from SADPC and We Believe in… Continue reading

Urgent support needed for Kho Jabing and family

By Kirsten Han from We Believe in Second Chances The news hit us like a ton of bricks. We’d been waiting for months, through SG50 celebrations to the hectic days of the general election… Continue reading

Update: Kho Jabing

We received the unfortunate news that Kho Jabing’s clemency petition has been rejected by the President, under the advise of the Cabinet. The date of execution has yet been set. We are currently… Continue reading

13th World Day Against the Death Penalty: ADPAN strongly condemns the use of the death penalty in all cases

This year, the theme for World Day Against Death Penalty focuses on drug offences, and ADPAN denounces the continued – and in some jurisdictions – the increased use of the death penalty for… Continue reading

UN: Death penalty for drug crimes violates international law

World Day Against the Death Penalty on 10th October GENEVA (7 October 2015) – “Executions for drug crimes amount to a violation of international law and are unlawful killings,” the United Nations Special… Continue reading

Kho Jabing

Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign and We Believe in Second Chances interviewed the sister and cousin of death-row inmate Kho Jabing when they were here in May 2015, after we managed to raise some… Continue reading

The Stubborn Windbag Clarifies

Fact: I have never said that crimes should go unpunished. However I am of the opinion that we need to peel the layers and discover the roots of these crimes, as heinous as… Continue reading


At the High Court this morning, Court 6C appeared more crowded than usual. It was then I realised that besides the re-sentencing of Cheong Chun Yin and Pang Siew Fum, it was also… Continue reading

Updates, 20 April 2015

A representative from SADPC was at the Supreme Court today to witness the re-sentencing of Cheong Chun Yin and Pang Siew Fum, as well as the sentencing of Michael Anak Garing and Tony… Continue reading

A brief update

Number of executions in 2010: 0 Number of executions in 2011: 4 Number of executions in 2012: 0 Number of executions in 2013: 0 Number of executions in 2014: 2 (July 2014) Number… Continue reading