Mohammad bin Kadar – A friend remembers

Muhammad bin Kadar was hung at dawn on Friday, 17 April 2015. His friend Jeremy*, wrote this in his memory. ______ By noon on Monday, 13th April, 2015, He knew that He would… Continue reading

Singapore Working Group on the Death Penalty responds to K Shanmugam’s speech

The following letter was sent to the Straits Times by the Singapore Working Group on the Death Penalty, which consists of Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign, Think Centre, and We Believe in Second Chances.… Continue reading

Amnesty International and ADPAN: Massive leap backwards as Singapore resumes executions

            18 July 2014 Singapore has taken a reprehensible U-turn by executing the first two prisoners since 2011, Amnesty International and the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN) said… Continue reading

A day to remember

We would like to thank everyone for the words of encouragement that have kept us going for the past 4 years. Indeed, one of the goals has been to get Vui Kong off… Continue reading

11th World Day Against the Death Penalty

Half the battle won

By Rachel Zeng When I received the news that Vui Kong will be issued the Certificate of Co-operation on Wednesday, I was close to tears. After 4 years of working on the campaign,… Continue reading

Yong Vui Kong receives Certificate of Co-operation

The following is a media release from the desk of Vui Kong’s lawyer, M Ravi. Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian man who has been living on Singapore’s death row since he was convicted… Continue reading

The mother accused of murdering her nine-year-old son in West Coast has been found to be of sound mind.

SADPC is very concerned about the following case and will be following it together with We Believe in Second Chances, Think Centre and members of civil society who are equally concerned. _____________ SINGAPORE:… Continue reading


MEDIA STATEMENT Thursday, 30 May 2013 MAJOR ONLINE WEBSITES IN SINGAPORE TO PROTEST AGAINST LICENSING REQUIREMENT The Media Development Authority had, on Tuesday, introduced a “licensing framework” that would require “online news sites”… Continue reading

Two on death row for murder to be resentenced

By Neo Chai Chin – 01 May 2013 SINGAPORE — Two men on death row for murder had their cases sent back to the High Court for resentencing yesterday — the first since… Continue reading